My two main stories are called DOLLHOUSE and LIGHTHOUSE.


DOLLHOUSE is about a small, sleepy town in midwest America called Kilbrook where the unexplainable is a part of daily life. Hauntings, strangely behaving animals, a thick, ever-present fog, it's all been like this for years. To the citizens of Kilbrook, it's peaceful. The peace is shattered, however, when a young doctor named Kyoichi Shinoda begins using his knowledge for evil; turning innocent people into flesh-eating monsters for the sake of "advancing humanity..." Two factions form, the flesh-eating 'Demons' and the demon-hunting 'Angels.' The story follows Wyn Ariss, a young woman who finds herself thrown into a world of bloodshed when she transforms into an angel.


LIGHTHOUSE is a story about Naomi Thanh, a human girl, and Ulli, a selkie from far, far away. Naomi lives in a small European oceanside town called New Anchorage, and for as long as she can remember, she's been lonely, an outcast. Everything gets flipped upside down, however, when a nude stranger comes out from the sea, asking around for "skin." This stranger is Ulli, a selkie, a creature who can transform between seal and human with a magic sealskin. The story follows Naomi and Ulli, each learning about the other, learning what it means to love someone so similar yet different from yourself, and what it takes to cultivate that love in a world that may reject it.